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How did you come up with such unique & fascinating characters?

I don’t know if I would describe my characters as fascinating or unique. Yes, I am aware that saying this can be perceived as self-depreciating on my part (I’m not looking for sympathy when I say this). I would describe them as special. Special in the sense that they are an extension of myself and the people around me. At time of creation I usually have a vague sense of who they are and what they are meant to be; once I set them free in my game they take all that and RUN with it. It almost never turns out the way I planned though; but unsurprisingly, it makes me love them even more!

When you started writing your story, what did you take into consideration?

I have always had an overactive imagination, so to speak. According to my mother this started the moment I was born (I’d say age 2-3 is more like it). In many ways writing has always been my escape from reality (this is why I will never completely abandon my writing, no matter how unmotivated I become). I have written a lot of stories, some finished, most remain unfinished but with characters that transition onto other stories……so finished in a sense? You be the judge of that.

That being said, as a writer I am my own biggest critic when it comes to my writing. There isn’t always a method to my madness. I will say though, that it has always been a dream of mine to weave an entire universe. The gameplay style of the Sims gave be a means of realizing this, not just in the abstract sense. As such, Cederville Heights is my normal, human interpretation of said universe; whereas Riaend’s Haven is the supernatural version of this. And yes, these two universes co-exist with each other (yin-yang) although one would rather the other not know of their existence.

@thesimperiuscurse shared this resource she uses on her blog, I use it (not rigorously but I dabble in it) to keep track of my characters. I’m still updating character pages, but it is helping my plan out Generation 2 better.

How did you shape each character’s background/family?

There isn’t really a definite method to my madness. At time of creation I usually have a vague sense of who they are and what they are meant to be; After I set them free in my game, each sim takes on their own persona (so to speak) and blossoms. Family backgrounds are derived from traits, hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. I will stop rambling now……

I like to think that parents pass these good traits (like the hobbies, skills, etc.) on to their offspring. With generational gameplay I am always proven wrong.

Do you plan everything before starting, or are you more spontaneous?

Honestly…….from start to finish - 100% of it is planned. As for what happens in-between, this point 70% of it is planned, while 30% of it is gameplay-driven. This changes constantly, so……ask again in 6 months?

Does reality inspire you, or do you rely more on your imagination?

Both! Reality, especially. I mean, how can it not? Think of the word we live in…...

When did you KNOW you were going to make this story?

Definitively in 2015. I will expand more on this at a later time.

What has shaped your story into being the way it is?

I enjoy questioning things. I enjoy formulating/postulating scenarios and watching my characters work their way through it. I love coming up with backstories and letting them make their own stories, shape their own lives and determine theur own destinies (whether or not I agree with it is another story). I also love dabbling in the supernatural. I love cheesy romances. I love hot, steamy, melt-your-pants-off-your-body romances (@josiesimblr, @neopixiesims, @penelope-and-wonders, @igglemouse, @cinamun, @simbollocks……just to name a few!)

Basically, I enjoy the complexities of the human mind - I know I’m a complex human myself! All of these things pour themselves into my writing. Now I just have to focus on actually getting better at putting thoughts to paper!

Whew! This was fun!

Chapter 1.17: Chance

This is one of my favourite chapters of this season, as you will all find out (or have already found out). On one hand, I am aware that some scenes seemed rushed (based on how I wrote it at the time) so I re-wrote it. Most of it has been left unchanged for the most part - remember that this generation’s story is mostly told through Roxane’s POV. And I will leave things at that.

This ran on my simblr already; unfortunately, it took me some time to get this up here.

For future reference, do you prefer that I post chapters on Tumblr/Simblr first, and then upload them on here? Either way is fine by me as I have no particular preference. I’m thinking it would hold me accountable to get chapters up in a more consistent manner. Besides, there are all these little tidbits that happen with my other families that I share, why not this?

Without taking up too much of your time, enjoy!

Chapter 1.16: Falling

Welcome back to another instalment of the Roxane-Evan lovefest. These lovebirds are finally somewhat settling into their relationship. If you’ve been following the queue on tumblr, you’d see that this brand new territory for both of them, so they have no idea what to expect.

Warning - this chapter is fairly picture-heavy. There are ~150 images to this chapter (it is down from 750+, I swear!) and that is AFTER nixing one of the scenes.

Without further ado, Enjoy! It’s all going to be mushiness galore! No theme song for this chapter. I couldn't find one that was cheesy enough.

PS: I need a ship-name for them tho.

Chapter 1.15: Solstice

Remember the time when I kinda said this next chapter would be up in the next couple of days/weeks? That was 7 months ago. From now on, let's just agree that I don't have a defined schedule for updates. Just rolling with the punches here.

Fair warning - this chapter is picture-heavy! I'm loving building sets, decorating and posing, so why not showcase those? Besides, pictures speak louder than words, right? It's 3:00am here and I'm exhausted but I wanted to get this posted tonight.